BEGIN:VCALENDARVERSION:2.0BEGIN:VTIMEZONETZID:GMT Standard TimeEND:VTIMEZONEBEGIN:VEVENTUID:AE17284DTSTAMP:20200115T195300ZSUMMARY:“The Brain and Heart�Featured Topic of Neuro Night ForumCLASS:PUBLICDESCRIPTION:From neurology to cardiac research and dentistry, the connections between the brain and heart are numerous, according to this month’s presenters. The panel will even include a dental researcher, who will point out that certain cells, called neural crest cells, depart early in embryonic life while the neural tube is forming the brain and spinal cord and go into what becomes the pulp of our teeth.STATUS:CONFIRMEDPRIORITY:1DTSTART:20200122T000000ZDTEND:20200122T030000ZTRANSP:OPAQUEEND:VEVENTEND:VCALENDAR